Investor Meeting with Governor Rick Scott

The Tampa Bay Partnership is a coalition of regional business leaders, joined by a shared commitment to improving the personal and economic well-being of Tampa Bay residents.

Formally incorporated in 1994, and re-established in 2016 with a new mission and leadership structure, we bring together more than 40 of the region’s top employers, along with a diverse group of public and philanthropic partners, to tackle the toughest challenges facing our community, including transportation, talent and other emerging issues.


Our Vision

To be a region united in action, where business, government and community leaders work together to ensure equitable access to opportunity for all our residents.

Our Mission

We provide regional leadership, through thoughtful research and measurable results, that improves the personal and economic well-being of Tampa Bay residents.

Our Guiding Principles

We collaborate with partners across the region to achieve what no individual or organization can accomplish alone.

We focus on critical challenges that require a regional perspective, where we can make a unique contribution to the outcome.

We invest the necessary time, talent and resources to accomplish our goals.

We do what’s right, not what’s easy, and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We advocate for diverse, equitable and inclusive practices that unite, rather than divide, our community.

We proactively identify the issues where regional leadership is needed, and work to find common ground.


A brief summary of the origin and evolution of the Tampa Bay Partnership.


Meet the professional staff supporting the work of the Tampa Bay Partnership.