T.J. Szelistowski
TJ Szelistowski

T.J. Szelistowski


TECO Peoples Gas System

T.J. Szelistowski is president of Peoples Gas System where he leads a team responsible for the operation and maintenance of the company's approximately 12,500 miles of distribution mains and 160 miles of transmission lines that provide natural gas service to more than 370,000 customers in most of the metropolitan areas of Florida.

A Professional Engineer, Szelistowski has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from the University of Tampa. He has more than 32 years of electric and gas utility experience at Tampa Electric working in a number of engineering and management positions, including vice president of Gas Delivery, director of T&D Operations, director of Energy Control Center, director of Engineering and Operations Services, and managing director of Regulatory Affairs.