Citrus County

Citrus County, Florida, commonly known as the “Nature Coast,” is strategically located in west central Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, just an hour north of Tampa. While considered by most to be a great weekend getaway for its enviable quality of life - think mountain bike trails, kayaking, swimming with manatees, bird watching, hiking, and boating - this community hosts the talented workforce that runs Duke Energy's power generators. Additionally, you'll find Citrus County is focused on its environmental advantages through advancements in agritech, renewables and recycling.

Citrus County is welcoming to businesses, and living in Citrus County is attractive and affordable. With more than 30 square miles of lakes, several navigable rivers, and of course the Gulf of Mexico, Citrus County, Florida is a great place to live, work and play and has one of the best rated school systems in Florida.


Citrus County is equally accommodating for businesses. The Citrus County Government cooperates extensively with the EDC to create a pro-active, countywide coalition that works to strengthen and diversify Citrus County’s economy, jobs and businesses. The EDC strives to attract new business investments and works closely with local Citrus County businesses to assist them with expansion and other business needs. The County and the EDC have a number of programs that seek to foster new Citrus County businesses that create jobs through expansion, startup or relocation. Among other programs, the Citrus County EDC offers Job Growth Incentive, Economic Incentive and Micro-Loan programs. Some key areas the County focuses on include: targeted industries; number of jobs created; and cost to job ratio.


For more information contact Rebecca Bays at (352) 795-2000

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