Congressional Delegation Meeting

The Tampa Bay Partnership’s advocacy efforts are an important and effective tool in developing public policy solutions to address our most pressing economic challenges. By providing a unified vision and voice for the region, and actively engaging with our local, state and federal elected officials, our leaders serve as a powerful force behind policy decisions at home, in Tallahassee, and in Washington, D.C.

Our annual policy agenda provides a roadmap for the legislative actions needed to advance our regional priorities.

Our investors are educated and empowered to champion this agenda and make the case for its importance through our state and federal delegation meetings, annual lobbying trips to Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., and ongoing activities designed to provide thought leadership, leverage influence and hold our elected officials accountable for the positions they take on our issues.

Policy Agenda

Our annual Policy Agenda is developed with the input and involvement of our investors and key community partners, and focuses on the greatest economic challenges facing the region today.

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Bay Area Legislative Delegation

We work closely with the members of our state delegation to identify and advocate for these issues, and convey the collective vision and voice of our community.

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Tampa Bay Congressional Delegation

We are committed to building a strong relationship with our federal delegation and enlisting their support to advance our federal legislative priorities.

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