Tampa Bay Ambassador: Deborah Duffey, Dermazone

Tampa Bay Ambassador: Deborah Duffey, Dermazone

Aug 07, 2014

A native Bostonian, Deborah Duffey graduated from Stonehill College with a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology in 1982. Soon thereafter, she stayed in the Boston area, leading a number of feasibility studies on how to support and sustain growth within companies and organizations throughout the nation. Despite a successful career in the Northeast, she decided to move to the Tampa Bay region in 1991, and nearly 25 years later, she has not once regretted the move to the central west coast of Florida.

“If I had to describe Tampa Bay in three separate words, those words would be: Vibrant. Diversified. Friendly.” Duffey says. “This community is vibrant in that it is growing steadily and rapidly. In fact, I cannot think of one reason why you would not want to do business here. Why? Because it would be hard not to succeed. The diversity of its people is wonderfully reflected in the companies and organizations throughout the area. The talent pipeline is robust and well qualified. Plus, if you’re eager to get involved, you will not find a friendlier place to start or grow your company. Everyone – from fresh entrepreneurs to seasoned C-level executives – is willing to lend a helping hand.”

Case in point? When Duffey first arrived in Tampa Bay, she continued her work as a consultant, but thanks to the region’s top-notch professional network, in just five years, she landed at Fountain Pharmaceuticals – nowadays known as Dermazone Solutions, a worldwide leader in the life sciences industry. Today, she runs the company as its president and chief product development officer.

“Dermazone Solutions is an industry leader in nano-technology delivery system science and the parent company of three brands These brands include Celazome Skin, Kara Vita and Hyssop Health. On top of that, our newest division is dermaCM. Dermazone is focused on creating products that not only enhance the skin’s surface, but strengthen and renew from the inside out within two weeks or less,” explains Duffey. “While Dermazone conducts business internationally, the Tampa Bay region is the perfect place to call home because of its business friendly environment. Support comes from both the local and state levels. Moreover, the commitment, passion and collaboration to build the life sciences sector in this area is tremendous.”

Duffey is not one to just rave over the Tampa Bay region’s business community and environment, however. She is also one to enthusiastically applaud the area for its wonderful quality of life.

“There is no better place to live, work and play than Tampa Bay,” Duffey says. “This is one of the best (if not the best) place to raise a family, and it’s also an ideal location for young professionals and retirees, too. There’s something for everyone. There’s a great balance of culture, arts, health care, education and lifestyle. There’s no downfall to living in this community. It’s the perfect place to be!”