Yahoo! Mail Partners with Local Tampa Bay Company

Yahoo! Mail Partners with Local Tampa Bay Company

Feb 14, 2014

A local Tampa Bay company has developed software that will provide Yahoo! Users worldwide with the opportunity to more easily view documents.

Earlier this month, Yahoo! Mail launched its new document navigation service, which gives users simpler ways to view, download and send PDF or Microsoft Office documents without leaving their inbox. The global service, "Prizm Content Connect," was developed by local Tampa Bay company – Accusoft.

The software will reduce security risks, boost productivity by eliminating download-time, and it is fully customizable to comply with the customer’s website design strategies. Some of Prizm’s additional features include: search options that identify key words or phrases within the document, compatibility with more than 300 documents types and a fully integrated language support system that can translate documents into 65 different languages.

Yahoo! chose Accusoft, which was founded in 1991, because of its vast knowledge of HTML5 programming. Accusoft has also worked with Yahoo! in the past and both companies are excited to continue their working relationship, helping to provide impeccable services for their global clients.

In other news, the company is continuing to grow and expand. It recently purchased an additional 24,000-square foot building adjacent to its headquarters to accommodate its new employees.